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We get it.
We have
pets too.

Friendly veterinary care provided by
professionals who love animals.

We partner with veterinarians.

We strive to make the dream of ownership for veterinarians a reality—without the risk and headache.

We give our veterinary partners the tools and support to succeed. We also give them the autonomy to build a team and lead a hospital of their own.



"I joined to bring GoodVets to my hometown, Kansas City. The emphasis on best, modern medicine convinced me this is the future of veterinary care."


Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing

We care for our clients’ pets as much as they do. We get what our clients want and do what’s right for our patients and their parents to the best of our ability.

Promote Transparency

Communicate openly and honestly with others. Gain respect by owning up to mistakes, being open to feedback, and looking to continually improve yourself.

Best in Class & Best in Show

We practice high-quality medicine and excellent client service in our beautiful, modern facilities.

Perform with Purpose

Tackle your work with a profound sense of passion and purpose. Bring your best self to work every day and look to help others do the same.

Be Real

Respect and value each other’s ideas and opinions, but don’t shy away from respectfully challenging and holding each other accountable.

Conquer the Unknown

Think boldly, tackle tough challenges,and be willing to take risks, but be reflective so you can learn and grow from missteps and mistakes.

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