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We've partnered with TeleVet.

TeleVet is a leading online veterinary telemedicine platform. TeleVet's app can be downloaded in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

How to engage
with your vet
on TeleVet.

Upload pictures and videos

Upload pictures and videos to your TeleVet session directly from your smartphone to give your veterinarian a more detailed look at your pet.

Video and phone calls

Get more detailed care from your veterinarian by scheduling a phone or video call appointment to chat one on one.

Instant messaging

Get quick responses and care from your veterinarian with on the go instant messaging in the app just like texting your veterinarian.

Which hospital offers TeleVet?

TeleVet is available at all of our hospitals. Download the TeleVet app and find your preferred GoodVets hospital!

to use TeleVet?

The following topics and symptoms, among many, qualify for telehealth.

Wellness & prevention
- Dental care
- Weight management/diet
- Parasite control
- Post-surgical rechecks
- Behavioral issues
- Mild vaccination reactions

Illness & injury
- Limping (sudden onset)
- Diarrhea (short-term)
- Vomiting
- Hospice/end-of-life care
- Skin issues/rashes/biting/licking
- Ear infection
- Nasal discharge for felines
- Urinary issues for females
- Lumps/masses
- Wounds/lacerations/punctures
- Accidental ingestion
- Broken toenail

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