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Veterinary care
that's easy on
your wallet.

We've created the most affordable and fulsome wellness plans in our
industry. Our member pets receive GoodVets gold standard medicine
and doctor access with no mystery billing. All the frills, all the perks.

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Wellness Plan benefits

Cost Savings

Deferred Monthly Payments

Comprehensive, all-inclusive medical care = Peace of Mind

Cost Savings

When you enroll in a plan with monthly payments, you enable us to lower the total cost of all services included in the plan. We want to save you money!

Deferred Monthly Payments

Ditch the stress of larger numbers. Pay smaller bills more frequently and know exactly how much your pet's routine veterinary care will cost you.

Comprehensive, all-inclusive medical care = Peace of Mind

Our wellness plans are all-inclusive. You'll never have to worry about falling behind on your pet's vaccinations or exams-all the essentials are covered.

What you get:

Exams per year 2 wellness unlimited
Nail trims, at exams 2 per year 4 per year
Fecal screens for healthy dogs 2 per year 2 per year
Core vaccinations + rabies tag
Annual blood work (CBC & chemistry) + thyroid screen
Tick-borne disease + heartworm screen
Dental cleaning* (or a spay/neuter)Dental cleaning excludes any necessary extractions and related charges.
Flea & tick preventative
Heartworm + intestinal parasite preventative
Discount on all other services**Services include all veterinary care exclusive of prescription and over-the-counter medications, diet food products, and grooming. 10% 10%


A wellness plan is an instrument we use for delivering comprehensive care at a reduced cost. We offer two plans, GoodPet and GoodPet+, each of which includes comprehensive preventative and diagnostic services billed monthly.
Membership prices vary by location. Select your hospital below to view a rate card.
Wellness plans complement most types of pet insurance. Pet insurance is predominantly used in cases of injury and illness, whereas wellness plans cover basic wellness and preventative care.
No. We encourage membership in our wellness plans because of the convenience and savings they afford our clients, but anyone may visit any one of our hospitals.

Why people love
wellness plans

Dani B., Chicago, IL
"The GoodPet+ plan has been perfect for my pet, Wrigley! I love the ability to spread out payments—it’s made the cost of getting him the best medical care much more digestible. Getting 10% off all other services is awesome too!"

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